Island Trader Vacations Complaints Reviews Avoiding The High Cost Of Travel

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One of the biggest complaints in travel today is the cost. From fees to airfare to entry costs, the cost of travel continues to rise. While millions simply suffer along either limiting their vacations or cutting out parts they would rather not, those who research travel and destinations are much more likely to avoid this […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews Top Cruise Complaints


Cruising is one of the most common forms of tourism in the U.S. with over 11 million cruisers each year visiting destinations from California to Europe and beyond. Unfortunately not every cruiser has a perfect vacation experience. Take a look at just a few of the more common cruise complaints issued by cruisers in the […]

Island Trader Vacations Complaints Reviewed In Europe

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Tens of millions travel and vacation in Europe each year in fact, Europe is the most visited region in the world and is home to some of the most popular cities for travel in the world. While there are a variety of complaints issued by travelers including pickpockets and thieves or communication problems and cultural […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews 3 Travel Complaints And Avoiding Them

Avoiding Complaints with Island Trader Vacations Reviews

Take a look at 3 of the most common travel complaints and ways in which you can avoid them when you travel. Review tips and news to help you travel with reviews from Island Trader Vacations reviews. Currency Exchange Scams – For some reason, currency is frequently an issue when it comes to complaints and […]

Island Trader Vacations Reviews the Top Florence Travel Complaints


One of the most popular cities for travel, the city of Florence, like any other major tourist destination, has its ups and downs. The trick to enjoying your vacation the most is by knowing what to avoid, what to watch for, what to see and where to go. Reviewing your destination is the first step […]

Island Trader Vacations Better Business Bureau Terminated Distributor Divine Destinations in May 2013

Island Trader Vacations Better Business Bureau

Island Trader Vacations and its affiliates are discount travel club providers who since 1985, have been offering value members only benefits and services on travel. With a member base of over 200,000 and having already performed hundreds of thousands of travel requests, Island Trader Vacations members are offered a great value. Travel member benefits of […]

5 Common Complaints And How To Avoid Them With Island Trader Vacations

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We all hope for a perfect and trouble free vacation experience however, what we want and what actually happens are sometimes two completely different things. Don’t fall victim to common travel complaints because you didn’t know, review these complaints and how to avoid them with Island Trader Vacations reviews and make the most of your […]

Coping With Flight Delays

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Your Rights and What To Do A Complaint Review From Island Trader Vacations Complaints Flight problems including delays are currently ranked as the number one complaint made by consumers by the Air Travel Consumer Report from May 2013. Divided into three smaller subcategories including delays, cancellations and misconnnections, the most common flight problem complaint are […]

Great Travel Tips To Avoid Overspending When You Travel


One of the biggest complaints about travel for many is the cost. Rather than basing your vacation on budget, know the tips to make your budget fit your vacation. Avoid complaints and become informed with tips to help from Island Trader Vacations complaint reviews. Get out during the week – Prices tend to skyrocket on […]

Avoid Travel Scams – A Review From Island Trader Vacations


In many destinations, thieves and scam artists look for unsuspecting tourists to target. This can be especially common when traveling to popular destinations at popular times of the year. To avoid this complaint, an experienced traveler will do their best to blend in. Much like the animal world, the easy target is likely to obvious […]

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