Island Trader Vacations Reviews The Marshall Islands

marshallsm 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews The Marshall IslandsA group of reefs and atolls in the Pacific Ocean about halfway between Australia and Hawaii called the Marshall Islands are our next divine island destination. Freely associated with the U.S., the Marshall Islands are a self government under a compact of Free Association with the U.S. Encompassing nearly a million square miles of islands, atolls and crystal clear waters, the Marshall Islands are unique and beautiful and welcome you to learn more about them.

Over 1000 islands and 30 atolls make up this massive area however fewer from 30 islands are inhabited today. A long history of fishing and navigating can still be seen in the small communities throughout the islands. Throughout the inhabited islands, visitors will find influences by settlers and visitors from around the world in addition to its tropical mystique. While the larger inhabited islands may be busy and crowded in places, the outer islands remain a peaceful island paradise. An opportunity to relax in a topic island retreat, the Marshall Islands maintains the same qualities that drew visitors to its shores long ago.

The Outer Islands of the Marshall Islands are renowned for their diving and fishing. Visitors can get to these somewhat distant islands by boat from the main islands of the Marshall’s's. Much less busy than other islands, these islands are for those truly looking to escape. While you may find some accommodations on these islands, they are much fewer than those found in the Majuro atoll. Local food harvested fresh by locals and cooked using traditional methods allows visitors to truly experience the magic of this destination.

Majuro Atoll is the economic and a political center of the region. Nicknamed the pearl of the Pacific by Robert Lewis Stevenson long ago, many people begin their journey here.

Arno Atoll is the nearest atoll to Majuro and includes over 130 islands. Famous for its deep-sea fishing, this part of the Marshall Islands is famous for its marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish and yellowfin tuna. Pristine coral reefs, friendly people with a strong culture and ample recreational opportunities in resorts found throughout the region make this a unique island destination for travel.

From the Marshall Islands to the islands of the Caribbean and around the world, explore and be inspired when you travel with Island Trader Vacations.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews The Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairnsm 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews The Pitcairn IslandsAs we continue our way around the world exploring the most divine island destinations, we invite you to the British Overseas Territory known as the Pitcairn Islands. A group of four islands, all volcanic in nature and spread out over hundreds of miles in the Southern Pacific, the Pitcairn’s have a unique history and present one of the most distinct areas for tourism in the world today. From mutineers to ancient Tahitians, learn more about this amazing island group and what it has to offer you when you travel.

The history of this unique area dates back to the year 1790 when Fletcher Christian and 8 notorious Bounty Mutineers escaped from the British and made their way to the largest and only inhabited Pitcairn Island. First settled by natives of Tahitian decent long before this, today’s residents are descended from those first settlers and the more recent European settlers. Today, Pitcairn Island is still the only inhabited island in the group and is home to around 50 people.

From how to get to these remote islands to what you should simply not miss, take a closer look at this remote island destination for travel with Island Trader Vacations reviews.

Getting to and from the island can take some planning however most travelers arrive by cruise ship, or by the primary vessel, the Claymore and now the Claymore II. Those who own their own sailboats may also sail to the islands from areas such as South America, the Galapagos and the Gambia Islands. Though difficult to reach, it is this remoteness and distance away from traditional mainstream tourism that has helped to keep the area wild and exotic.

The Pitcairn Island Museum is a must visit for every tourist to better learn more about the region including its most famous history, the history of the Bounty including the Bounty Cannon and more.

Famous for its unique crafts, local residents of Pitcairn have become famous for their hand painted and hand carved contemporary and traditional products and visitors have plenty of places to purchase them.

Hiking and exploring are great ways to spend the day or longer including its many caves, coastal areas, ridges, and inland hot spots including its historic areas.

Swimming, diving, snorkeling, and four wheeling represent just some of the many other ways to relax and enjoy this lovely destination for travel. Fish, take a walk down the Pitcairn Island Eco Trail, visit St. Paul’s Pool or climb to Christian’s Cave.

Legendary, filled with endemic flora and fauna, unique and exotic, culturally rich and stunningly beautiful, find out for yourself what makes these amazing islands must see destinations for any lover of adventure.

Atlantic or Pacific, Bearing Sea to the Gulf of Mexico, travel and explore other amazing island destinations with us again. Island Trader Vacations reviews news, tips, information and more to help you travel. Come back again and enjoy the continuing series of divine island destinations around the world with Island Trader Vacations Reviews.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews Four Labrador Islands

newfoundlandsm 300x225 Island Trader Vacations Reviews Four Labrador IslandsNewfoundland and Labrador are the most easterly areas of the continent of North America. Home to ancient Vikings, this region is home to the both the oldest settlement and the oldest city in North America. Quite peaceful and with a relatively small population, it is easy to see what draws visitors to this region. One can’t help but be inspired by not just the views but the history and the friendly people. Icebergs, whales, mountains and fascinating historic sites make this a region worth exploring.

The islands of this area are home to many of the region’s most popular sites and attractions including the islands of Fogo and the Change Islands.

Fogo Island itself is home to almost 3,000 people and has a history of settlement that is much younger than other areas making it quite unique. Known for its migrant French fisher populations in the 1500’s, the first true settlement didn’t begin here until the early 1700’s when Fogo Harbour and Tilting Harbour were created.  Though these settlements are certainly young in comparison to others found in the region, they are still historically significant and are both part of the National Cultural Landscape District of Canada and unique for their Irish heritage. While native peoples spent time on the island long before European arrival, the island was not settled until this time.

A natural paradise, it is the animals and fish found in the region which made it so popular to those who both visited and those who came to live here. This history and much more can all be seen and enjoyed today with a trip to Fogo Island. From the Brimston Head Folk Festival to the stunning natural beauty, those visiting here are never disappointed. Museums including the Bleak House, Brett House, Fogo Site and the Marine Interpretation Center are just a few of the most popular destinations.

Just west of Fogo Island are the Change Islands. Home to many fewer people, the Change Islands are home to only 300 residents and only one community today, the Town of Change Islands. Actual three small islands, the Change Islands are only separated by narrow channels which are referred to as tickles.  Like most other settlements of the region, the settlement of Change was based on the fishery and fishing activities around the mid 18th century.

Rich in history and traditions, the community has a strong connection with its past and today, visitors can still experience these traditions in the form of historic sites and landmarks long gone from other regions.  Hike the trails, enjoy the food, talk to the locals and experience life in Labrador long ago at this one of kind destination.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews 4 Beautiful Lowcountry Beaches

South Carolinasm 300x194 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 4 Beautiful Lowcountry BeachesAs we journey through the world’s most divine island destinations, we now invite you to a destination a little closer to home as we head to the islands off the coast of South Carolina. The lowcountry of South Carolina is a region which includes the four southernmost counties, the Savanna River and the Atlantic Coast to the state of Georgia. Within this area, visitors find a rich history, quiet beach towns, renowned islands and plenty to see and do. Come with Island Trader Vacations reviews and take a closer look at four of these beautiful and exciting island destinations.

Edisto Island – One of South Carolina’s largest barrier islands, Edisto is just 45 minutes from Charleston. An island with a long history, evidence of its earliest inhabitants can still be found today at one of the islands’ top destinations, Shell Bank. Today, Edisto is home to many residents and welcomes thousands of tourists to its shores each year for an escape from the fast pace of the life on the mainland. While some islands are known for their nightlife, Edisto is more family oriented and perfect for some quiet time. Camping, swimming, biking, fishing, golfing and nature tours are some of the many things popular on Edisto Island today. Edisto Beach State Park, home to Shell Bank, is one of the area’s most popular destinations. Camping, picnics and exploring make this a great destination for the day or even the week.

Fripp Island – One of the Beaufort Sea Islands, Fripp Island is perfect for a romantic getaway, fun with the family or even a trip with friends. Once an ancient hunting ground, Fripp Island was acquired by the English Captain Johannes Fripp. Today, Fripp Island ranks as one of the top islands off the South Carolina Coast and offers championship golf, uncrowded beaches, plenty of outdoor activities, a waterpark and a bustling city with shopping, great food and historic sites.

Hilton Head Island – A resort town mecca, Hilton Head Island is often considered one of the top destinations in the entire region. Featuring 12 miles of beachfront on the Atlantic, its championship golf course, tennis courts, shopping, dining and its luxury accommodations bring the number of residents on the island in summer to almost 300,000. As if all this were not enough, world class museums, historic sites dating back to the island’s beginnings, festivals and annual events and vast natural areas make this a must see destination for any island lover.

Hunting Island – Last but not least, Hunting Island. Just 5,000 acres in size, this lovely semi-tropical coastal island is just east of Beaufort and is home to Hunting Island State Park. Once reserved as a hunting preserve for the wealthy planters in the area, Hunting Island is now preserved for everyone to enjoy and as a refuge for the many birds and animals who live here. The most natural of the lowcountry islands of South Carolina, it is rich in diversity, wildlife and great for exploring. Home to the Hunting Island Lighthouse, and renowned for its beauty, it welcomes over a million visitors a year.

From large to small, exciting and full of adventure to romantic and peaceful, com explore South Carolina’s Islands and find out what you have been missing.

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Island Trader Vacations Reviews 10 Amazing Cliff Dwellings To Visit In the U.S.

Mesa Verde National ParkCOsm 300x200 Island Trader Vacations Reviews 10 Amazing Cliff Dwellings To Visit In the U.S.Much of the desert southwest is famous for cowboys, early settlers making their way across the plains and Native Americans however, what many people don’t realize is that many states in this area were once home to ruins which tell a story of its early dwellers long ago.

In the states of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, visitors are able to literally walk in the footsteps of Indians who carved their homes out of ancient cliffs for safety from the animals as well as humans who made their way to the region long ago. Throughout the desert southwest, cliffs and mountains can be found pushing their way out of the surrounding desert floors and in some of these cliffs, you can find literal castles and cities carved out of the rock over 700 years ago.

State and national parks house what remains of these ancient sites and today, millions of visitors make their way to these historic sites to learn more about the people who once called them home.

Mule Canyon, Utah – A small Anasazi village constructed of sandstone and mud in the Cliffside itself, the Mule Canyon ruins are part of Utah’s Canyon Country. Known to inhabit the area from 1 to around 1300 AD, Mule Canyon ruins including the House of Fire are a relatively simple hike. Much of Mule Canyon is part of the Mule Canyon Archaeological Ruins which are managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Walnut Canyon National Monument, Arizona – Part of the National Park Service, Walnut Canyon National Monument are cliff dwellings which date back to around 1100.  The ruins are located just southeast of Flagstaff and offer visitors the opportunity to see well preserved ruins created by ancient Sinagua Indians.

Navajo National Monument, Arizona – Cliff dwelling tours of this area are offered throughout the season and allow you to see ancient structures which date back to 1250 and 1300 created by prehistoric Puebloan people.  Tours of the Betatakin and Keet Seel areas can be difficult however, they offer some of the best views today.

Montezuma Castle, Arizona – Ruins mad over 800 years ago by the Sinagua culture are some of the best preserved in all of North America. Part of the Montezuma Castle National Monument, this site has been popular since it was rediscovered in 1933.

Canyon de Chelly, Arizona – For nearly 5,000 year’s people have lived in these canyons. Part of the Navajo nation, they are completely owned by the Navajo nation today but are managed by the NPS.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Colorado – Located near Pikes Peak, visitors can walk through the well preserved ancient Anasazi history. Museums in the area are also dedicated to telling the story.

Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, Colorado – A National Park, these dwellings date back to the 1190s by the Ancestral Puebloans. These ruins offer many different looks at how they lived with preserved dwellings including a palace, houses and other sites.

Puye Cliff Dwellings, New Mexico – A National Historic Landmark, these dwellings were the home to the ancestors of today’s Santa Clara Pueblo people. Located in Espanola NM, they are open year round

Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico – Dating back to both 1150 and 1600, structures here were created by the Ancestral Pueblo People. This park is home to many sites within its over 33,000 acres.

Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico – Located in the Gila wilderness, some of these ruins stand hundreds of feet above a gorge as protection. Dating back over 700 years, they were built within 5 natural caves within the Cliff Dweller Canyon.

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